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The Recessions

Doug Ringering

Douglas doin' the Live Band thing Drums/Back up Vocals

* Douglas has played the drums for 15 years and plays with total finess!

* Douglas jams on the drums with little effort, nothing left to say.

* Check out Doug's work outside of being a commercial pilot:

Gary Dolce

Gary Classic Rockin' Bass/Guitar and Vocals

* Gary Rocks the Front Range!

* Gary has played for 30 years and no he does not play bass and guitar at the same time.

* As good as he is he only has enough hands for one instrument at a time. If he had 4 arms, there's no doubt he could pull it off.

Doug Blehm

Doug in a Live Band Bass/Guitar and Vocals

* Doug can't play for crap but he is by far the coolest member of the band.

* Doug has played for just a few weeks and already knows 3 songs; the chords anyway.

* Believe us now and see him later. This guy is so cool, his musical abilities don't matter. Just kidding. He Rocks!

* Check out Doug's Day Job:


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live rock band for hire


Live Rock Band for Hire.



live rock band for hire


live rock band for hire

Testimonials from the Colorado Springs Audience who Rocked out to The Recessions.

  • We love this band! This is a great Front Range Party Band with a great list of songs. They played a work party for my employees at my home in Black Forest and they played classic songs that everyone enjoyed and covered the age gap.
       Joe Apsey-Vaugn ~ Black Forest / Colorado Springs, CO

  • What a great classic rock band! These guys were fun to hang with between sets and the played great. They're a respectible crew of of musicians that I would recommend to anyone looking to hire a local band.
       Cletus Schwan ~ MCA Records, Colorado Springs, CO

  • The crowd completely enjoyed your performance and some have even asked for your information. I gave them your information. I think it all went better than expected. You guys showed up on time and were very professional. Let me know if you ever need a referral for a future customer. I am positive that this only the first of many of your appearance at some Slaybaugh gatherings!!!!
    Much Appreciation!    
    Jonna and Roman Slaybaugh ~ Castle Rock, CO

We Play a Classic/Current Rock List from great bands like:

  • Tom Petty, CCR, The Beatles, The Eagles, U2, The Cure
  • REM, Johnny Cash, Green Day, The Foo Fighters and more...

SET List Sample: 1. Green river 2. American Girl 3. Big Weekend 4. Fulsom Prison 5. End of the World as we Know it 6. Blitzkrieg Bop 7. The Breakup Song 8. Rusty Cage 9. I Will Follow 10. Desire 11. Melt with You 12. Should I Stay or Should I Go 13. Fast as You 14. Jenny 15. The One I Love 16. Hands are Tied 17. I Need to Know 18. Surrender 19. Banditos 20. Fire 21. Hey Jealousy 22. Good 23. The Middle 24. Keep Your Hands to Yourself 25. Saw Her Standing There 26. Last Dance w Mary Jane 27. Bell Bottom Blues 28. Give Me Three Steps 29. White Wedding 30. Authority Song 31. Bad Luck 32. Bad Moon Risin' 33. Lost Highway 34. Stray Cat Strut 35. Just Like Heaven 36. You Might Think 37. ROCK in the USA 38. I Fought the Law 39. Until the End of the World 40. Kings Highway 41. Yer So Bad 42. Don't You Forget About Me 43. I've Been Everywhere 44. Interstate Love Song 45. Under the Milky Way 46. Learn to be Still 47. Last Time 48. Brown Sugar 49. Back in the USSR 50. What's Your Name 51. Cinnamon Girl 52. You Wreck Me 53. Barrier Reef 54. Kicks 55. Just What I Needed 56. Lawyers Guns and Money 57. The Boys are Back in Town 58. Birthday– optional! 59. Big Me 60. Rocky Mountain Way 61. Everlong 62. Save it for Later 63. Downtown Neil Young 64. Is She Really Goin' Out with Him